Fam. M. Fabrice & M. Guy, Paris
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Non carrier
Approved for
KWPN, SF, Holst., Unire, Hann., Old/OS, BH
Stud fee
€ 2.500,-
fresh, frozen,
Standing stud

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Pedigree :

Mr. Blue (Preferent)  Couperus 
Acarla (Ster, Prestatie) 
Lincorne des Forets  Voltaire (Preferent) 
Gekas des Forets 

Documents :

Zirocco Blue Aachen 2015, J. Vrieling

Zirocco Blue’s dam, Licorne des Forets, competed at the international 1.50m level and his grand dam, Gekas des Forets, not only competed at 1.40m level but was also called ‘the most winning’ 6-year old in France. Great-grand dam Rapsodie II also competed at 1.40m level.



Wherever Zirocco Blue competes all eyes are upon him with his scope, jumping style and efficiency. Under Jur Vrieling he has achieved several very impressive international results. They won the Team Gold Medal at the European Championship and individually were 5th. In the Las Vegas World Cup final they finished 10th. The World Cup of Oslo, the Grand Prix’s of Kopenhagen, Melsomvik (2x) and Geesteren, the Masters in Mechelen - all saw Zirocco wearing the winner’s sash. As a member of the Dutch team they won the Nations Cup of Rotterdam, Kopenhagen and Gijon. In the Dutch Jumping Championship he was 2nd.

International results VDL Zirocco Blue N.O.P. 
Team Gold European Championship Aachen + Individual 5th place
1st Masters Mechelen 2014 
1st WC Oslo 2014 
1st GP Geesteren 2014 
1st GP Melsomvik 2014 
1st GP KWPN Stallionapprovals 2014 
1st GP Copenhagen 2013 
1st Nations Cup Copenhagen 2013 
1st Nations Cup Gijon 2013 
1st VHO trophy 2012 
2nd 1.55m Lausanne 2014 
2nd 1.50m London 2014 
2nd WC Warschau 2013 
3rd GP Falsterbo 2014 
3rd Championship of Rotterdam 2013 
3rd 1.50m Indoor Brabant 2013 
3rd 1.50m Verona 2013 
3rd 1.40m Helsinki 2013 
4th WC Helsinki 2014 
5th Nations Cup Falsterbo 2014 
5th GP Melsomvik 2014 
6th GP London 2013 
6th GP Maastricht 2013 
6th GP Geesteren 2013 
7th 1.55m Rotterdam 2014
8th GP Rome 2014 
8th GP Gijon 2013 


Zirocco Blue performs exceptionally well in the sport but also in breeding.
His breeding career is equally impressive. He produced many approved sons and best breeding daughters. With many successful international jumping descendants such as Eddie Blue, Gisborne VDL, Elysium, Gaesbekers Glamour Girl, Hallilea, Zuccero etc. Zirocco Blue is now well on its way to belong to the world’s best sires. He has risen in the WBFSH rankings for jumping stallions to nr. 5.

Zirocco Blue has more then 82 offspring competing at 1.55m/1.60m-level.

Some examples:
Dobbey - placed second at the NK Young Riders, or
Deep Blue Bridge S - Grand Prix of Linz won
Durango VDL - GP of Blenheim won
El Rocco SK - Winner Grand Prix Exloo, Silver Medal Dutch Championship1.60m level
Florian - Approved KWPN 1.60m level
Fair Field - Winner Asten and Geesteren.
Fugero Carlos - Winner of both classes at Outdoor Gelderland
Florian - Winner of both classes at Outdoor Gelderland
Fliere Fluiter- Winner GP Krakow, Lastrup & GP Bonheiden 
Fresco Blue - winner and For Fun VT won in Wiener Neustadt in Zuidwolde
Guessina - winNer and For Fun VT won in Wiener Neustadt in Zuidwolde
G-Vingino-Blue - winner and For Fun VT won in Wiener Neustadt in Zuidwolde
Gogo Karla V - took ninth place at the World Cup in Lanaken
Gesthe van de Vihta - Winner grand prize Opglabbeek & Valencia
Gibroka - Winner CH-Grand Prix Lamprechtshausen
Havana - placed top 10 of the Dutch championship for six-year-olds
Hugo Boss - placed top 10 of the Dutch championship for six-year-olds. Herby - Winner 4 * eventing Sopot
Laurier - Winner of the 1.45m Grand Prix Aachen
Horses like Fancy Girl, Donjo, Zidora and Magnolia Mystic Rose are also active at the highest level.
Striking offspring at auctions, mare inspections and foals:
Flair - became Dutch champion of the 6-year-olds
Florian - 2015 Dutch champion of the 5-year-old show jumpers
Fix Blue sold for € 120,000 sold in the Dutch Sport Horse Sales 2015.
Escudero - Champion of the 6-year-old show jumpers of Turkey
Eddie Blue - Champion of the US East Coast of the 6 year olds 5 year old
Ellexa de Nuit - 2014 Belgian champion of the 5-year-old show jumpers
Ely VDL - IBOP 89 points Galetto - EPTM 85 points
Galetto - 85 points for her EPTM
Gogo Karla V - champion of the seven-year-olds
Ilverna - scored 86 points for her EPTM
Ielisa - scored 81½ for her EPTM
Idagonda - won the KWPN Championship for 4-year-olds
Ilverno - EPTM 86 pts.
Jolly Swagman - Auction topper Eye of the Master € 140,000
Kyrelena VDL - EPTM 86 pts
VDL Dixi Blue - Sold for $ 100,000 in the WEF Sport Horse Auction 2016
Pardino VDL - Auction topper Trigon Auctions € 66,500
Zilton SL Z - Winner Grand Prix Eschweiler
Zirocco Air - Winner Grand Prix Sopot

Zirocco Blue has several approved sons, such as Heineken VK VDL, Florian, Durango VDL, Golden Dream and many others.

Zirocco Blue: European Champion and Sport sire


Zirocco Blue Aachen 2015, J. Vrieling
Zirocco Blue Aachen 2015, J. Vrieling
Zirocco Blue Rio de janeiro 2016, J. Vrieling
Zirocco Blue La Boule 2015, J. Vrieling
Zirocco Blue Rome 2015, J. Vrieling
Zirocco Blue Gijon NationsCup 2014, J. Vrieling
Zirocco Blue Odense 2012, J. Vrieling
Zirocco Blue
Zirocco Blue
Zirocco Blue


Pictures offspring

Gisborne VDL, D. Coyle (IRL) - Second place GP 1.60m Wellington 2022
Zucerro, R. Goran Bengtsson (SWE) - Third place GP 1.60m Herning 2022
Jump Star SIH, M. Sampson (GBR), Winnaar 7-jarige Blom Cup 2021
Jadira QSHS, H. de Jong (NED), Blom Cup 2021
Kavaliers Blue, P. Keunen (NED), Blom cup 2021
Royal Crown VDL - Kampioen Springveulens CK Friesland
Rubycara van Seldsum VDL - Nationale veulenkeuring 2021
Laurier, L. Philippaerts (BEL), 2021
Just a Dream, H. Lahde (GER), 2021
Fliere Fluiter, J. Ansems (NED), 2021
Glamour Girl, H. von Eckermann (SWE), 2021
Zilton SL Z, M. Duffy (IRL), 2021
Gaesbekers Glamour Girl, R. Howley (IRL), 2020
El Rocco, J. Vrieling (NED), 2020
Fancy Girl, W. Tynan (USA), 2020
G-Vingino-Blue, S. Morssinkof (NED), 2020
Jet Blue, C. Anthony (USA), 2020
Zita Blue, J. Meyer-Zimmermann (GER), 2020
Hasall, 3e ISAH Cup 5-jarige springpaarden 2017
Idagonda, Kampioen ISAH Cup Kampioenschap 4-jarige springpaarden 2017
Delvecchio and Marc Bettinger
Flair and Steve Guerdat
Dirocco Blue en Theo Genn
Durango VDL, T. Yates (USA)
Florian, A. Zoer (NED)
Daylinde,J. Paterson-Robinson (AUS)
Flair, R. Romp (NED)
Dazermie, D. Perez Bilbao (SPA)
Deep Blue Bridge S, S. Fehnl (GER)
Dobbey, L. kersten (NLD)
Eddie Blue, D.Ryan (USA)
Gogo Karla V, W. Greve (NLD)
Donjo, T. Foster (CAN)
Mr. Blue (Preferent)  Couperus  Naturel (Keur)  Lucky Boy xx 
Warina (Ster, Preferent, Prestatie)  Ridder 
Rosalinda (Ster) 
Acarla (Ster, Prestatie)  Oldenburg  Inschallah x 
Gamene III 
Picarla (Keur, Preferent, Prestatie)  Joost (Preferent) 
Ekarla (Preferent) 
Lincorne des Forets  Voltaire (Preferent)  Furioso II  Furioso xx 
Dame de Ranville 
Gogo Moeve H  Gotthard 
Mosaik H 
Gekas des Forets  Le Tot de Semilly  Grand Veneur 
Venue du Tot 
Rapsodie II  Jalisco B 
May Flower III