Bacardi VDL 3rd in Sharjah

Bacardi VDL (Corland x Kannan) and Janika Sprunger won last week the Grand Prix of CSI Sharjah and this week they were placed as 3rd. They seem to be in good shape!
James vd Oude Heihoef (Douglas x Action Breaker) and rider Abdullah Mohn Al Marri were placed as 4th in this Grand Prix.
Brazoria de Semilly (Indoctro x Le Tot de Semilly)  was placed as 7th in a 1.25m competition, with rider Mayed Ahmad Ahlie. E Blue (Zirocco  Blue x Ukato) and Shady Samir were placed as 10th in this competition.
Dazemaillion Mas (Zapatero x Emilion) was placed as 8th in a 1.10m competition for Juniors. He is ridden by Saif Abdulla Mohnd Al Shamsi.

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