Grand Slam VDL 6th in Championat of Veeningen

Topresults this weekend for the VDL Stud at CSI De Wolden. Several offspring of our stallions were highly placed and our stallion Grand Slam VDL jumped with rider Alex David Gill to a 6th place in the Championat of Veeningen, a 1.40m/1.45m class. Grand Slam VDL jumped double clear rounds. Friday he jumped clear in a 1.35m class.
The videos of Grand Slam  in the Championat of Veeningen:
Grand Slam 1st round
Grand Slam Jump Off

De Grand Prix of De Wolden was won by Florian (Zirocco Blue x Cardento), ridden by Albert Zoer. In 3rd place was also an offspring of Zirocco Blue: Flierefluiter (ds. Animo), ridden by Jack Ansems.
The Final of the Small Tour was won by a young  Glasgow vt Merelsnest: Henderson (ds. Germus R) and his rider Bert Jan Zuidema, 6th in the final ended the Dallas-son Dalco vh Bevrijdthof, ridden by Gert van den Hof
In the final of the 6-year olds two Zirocco Blue offspring placed in the top 10:
6th: Icarius Eickenrode (Zirocco Blue x Indorado), ridden by Henri Stegeman,
7th: Irsina Blue (Zirocco Blue x Atlantic), ridden by Nathalie van der Mei.

In the final of the 5- year olds two Carrera offspring placed in the top 10:
6th Jucatan (Carrera x Mr. Blue), ridden by James Billington,
8th Caressa Z (Carrera x Iroko), ridden by Kim Zantingh.

Idorette For Ever (Zirocco Blue x Corland) won with his rider Ruben Gerritsen a 1.30m class and also in 3rd place in the same class was Hasall (Zirocco Blue x Indoctro), ridden by Piet Raijmakers Jr.
More offspring of our stallions placed as follows:
2nd + 10th1.40m: Granito Noordenhoek (Corland x Cash), ridden by Kevin Jochems
3erd 1.45m Fliere Fluiter (Zirocco Blue x Animo), ridden by Jack Ansems
3rd + 4th 5jr. Just Chesnut (Harley x Goodtimes), ridden by Rink Jan Dijkstra
3rd 1.30m Hazelhorst I (Cardento x Triomphe de muze), ridden by im mUlder
3rd + 4th 1.20m Foxie DVL (Harley x Indorado), ridden by Emile Karim Farese
4th 1.40m Florian (Zirocco Blue x Cardento), ridden by Albert Zoer
4th 1.30m Hiek’n (Falaise De Muze x Matterhorn), ridden by Ruben Romp
4th 1.20m Fugero Carlos(Zirocco Blue x Corland), ridden by Rufino Rivera Topete
5th 6jr: Icarius Eickenrode (Zirocco Blue x Indorado), ridden by Henri Stegeman
5th 1.45m Pretty Little liar (Indoctro x Emilion), ridden by Ernesto Canseco
5e 1.40m +9th Championat:  Hoselinde (Campbell x Zeus), ridden by Steven Veldhuis
5th 1.30m: Fabian (Zapatero x Hinault), ridden by Anouk Mulder
6th 1.30m: Handy (Emilion x KigalI), ridden by Ernesto Canseco
7th 1.30m Good Farming HS (Carrera x Atlantic), ridden by Jan Schuttert
8th 1.40m Disckoboy D.N. (Douglas x Silverstone), ridden by Oliver
8th 6jr.:Itorina BK (Durango x Matterhorn), ridden by Ian McFarlane
8th 6 jr.: Impian D (Bubalu x Lux), ridden by Henk Frederiks
9th 1.40m Harwich DN (Arezzo x Darco), ridden by James Billington

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