Jativia (s. Cardento) 4th in Grand Prix Lanaken

Jativia (Cardento x Gottwald) and Koen Vereecke became 4th in the Grand Prix of Lanaken, Belgium.

Figo (Zapatero VDL x Indoctro) and Ilse Tolboom won a 1.40m U25-A class and became 4th in a 1.30m U25-A class.

2nd 1.50m class: Deep Blue Bridge S (Zirocco Blue x Ahorn) and Sven Fehnl
5th 1.35m class: Coral Reef Wise Guy (Indoctro x Julius), ridden by Joseph Davison
6th 1.35m class: Keops vd Begijnakker (Indoctro x Lux), ridden by Yves Vanderhasselt
5th 1.30m U25-A: Didit (Santa Cruz VDL x Cardento), ridden by Ebba Falkenklev
9th 1.30m class: Filandria (Indoctro x Quidam de revel), ridden by Danielle Ryder


CSI3* Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
2nde 1.35m and rd 1.30m classes: Fabian vd Ronevallei (Chin Chin x Concorde) and Arnaud Fontenelle
4th and 5th 1.35m young jumpers classes: Galway Girl (Arezzo x For Pleasure), ridden by Felicie Bertrand
6th 1.35m and 3rd 1.30m classes: Fortuna Utopia (Baltic x Great Pleasure), ridden by Damien Dixon
7th 1.35m class: Carmen vd E (Indoctro x Nimmerdor), ridden by Marion Skalli
7th 1.30m young jumpers class: Clubber des Forets (Zirocco Blue x Lupicor), ridden by Geoffroy Bouret


CSI4* Arezzo, Italy
10th 1.45m class: Faliane W (Emilion x Indorado), ridden by Emilio Bicocchi
twice 2nd 1.40m classes: Katinka vh Valenberghof (Corland x Montender), ridden by Harold Boisset
9th 1.40m class: Coral Springs (Douglas x Cavalier), ridden by Manjun Kwon
10th 1.40m class: Delacroix AS (Douglas x Landwind II), ridden by Pabio Crotta,
6th 1.35m class: Chess (Harley x Lupicor), ridden by Manuela Baldassarini
6th 1.35m and 7th 1.30m classes: Falita J.W.B. (Zirocco Blue x Indorado), ridden by Thomas Fasteus
6th 1.35m class: Codette M (Douglas x Ahorn), ridden by Gianni Govoni
10th 1.35m class: Elberta VDK (Campbell VDL x Casco), ridden by Maureen Bonder
2nd 1.30m class: Davie-P (Douglas x Silveyville XX), ridden by Angelica Canonici
2nd and 5th 1.30m classes: True Grit (Cardento x Briar), ridden by Linda Heed
4th 1.30m class: Giant (Cantos x Cavalier), ridden by Conor Swail
10th 1.30m class: Ginus (Arezzo x Calvados), ridden by Guido Grimaldi



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Deep Blue Bridge

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