Zirocco Air (s. Zirocco Blue) 5th in Grand Prix Wroclaw, Partynice

Zirocco Air (Zirocco Blue x Con Air) and Mateusz Tyszko became 5th in the Grand Prix of Wroclaw, Partynice in Poland. They also placed 7th in a 1.40m class.
6th 1.35m & 2nd and 5th 1.30m classes: Secret Weapon L (Bubalu x Acobat II), ridden by Dawid Skiba
7th 1.35m class: Heartcor F (Corland x Heartbreaker), ridden by Laura Klapinska
4th 1.30m class: Innocence (Zirocco Blue x Indoctro), ridden by Hubert Kierznowski
6th 1.30m class: Calingka (Cardento x Emilion), ridden by Aleksandra Kozanecka-Szeliska

Linked horses

Zirocco Blue

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