Son of Cardento wins the 1.50m class in Wellington FL

Ocala $50.000 GP
8th Hudson (by Arezzo VDL), ridden by Amanda Flint
9th Irvington VDL (by Dallas VDL), ridden by Amanda Flint. Sold in the 2019 WEF Sport Horse Auction,
Wellintgon FL

1st H&M Kirlo van den Bosrand (by Cardento), ridden by Samuel Hutton
4th Donjo (by Zirocco Blue VDL), ridden by Hyde Moffatt

2nd Cyber lady Z (by Douglas VDL), ridden by Stephanie Valdes

2nd VDL Jesmond (by Harley VDL), ridden by Evan Coluccio. Sold in the 2021 WEF Sport Horse Auction,
3e Bengtsson VDL (by Bubalu VDL), ridden by Lisa Goldman-Smolen

2nd Kannalido V (by Kannan), ridden by Felix Hassmann
3rd Jackpot (by Zirocco Blue VDL), ridden by Albert Zoer

2nd Farah (by Arezzo VDL), ridden by Sophia Sehindlbeck
4th K-Dine (by Grand Slam VDL), ridden by Albert Zoer

2nd Ethan AS (by Emilion), ridden by Benjamin Wulsehner

Linked horses

Hudson (by Arezzo VDL)
Irvington VDL (by Dallas VDL)

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