Bacardi VDL (s. Corland) 5th in Worldcup Verona

Bacardi VDL (Corland x Kannan) and Janika Sprunger became 5th  in the Worldcup of Verona in Spain.

2nd 1.55m class: Zacramento (Cardento x Cortus), ridden by Douglas Lindelöw
4th 1.45m class: Christy JNR (Indoctro x Clinton), ridden by Bertram Allen
7th 1.45m class: Ugano de Coquerie (Indoctro x Papillon Rouge), ridden by Piergiorgio Bucci


At the 2* jumping of Verona, Carola (Cantos x Kigali) and Natale Chiaudani won a 1.30m class.
3rd Six Bars: Hidalgo (Harley x Corland), ridden by Gioofni Sapuppo
6th 1.35m class: Dorus (Harley x Iroko), ridden by Alessio Albano
5th 1.30m class: Corlena FZ (Corland x Indoctro), ridden by Maria Vittoria Martari
6th 1.30m class: thevlin K (Douglas x Lord Calando), ridden by Ludovica Luna Moggi
10th 1.30m class: Esarina (Carosso VDL x Jus the Pomme), ridden by Gioofni Sapuppo


CSI2* Mijas, Spain
Claudio (Indoctro x Corland) and Harry Marshall won a 1.35m class at the jumping of Mijas in Spain. Brioni di Vidau (s. Indoctro), ridden by Jaime Gabarron Jimemez won a 1.35m young jumpers class.

Ronaldo (Ahorn x Stuyvesant XX), ridden by  Charlotte Meikle, won a 1.30m class and Mago de Quijas (Indoctro x Muguet du Manoir), ridden by Jaime Gabarron Jimemez, won a 1.30m young jumpers class.

9th 1.45m class: Dollanstown (Douglas x Cavalier Royale), ridden by Captain Geoff Curran
3rd 1.40m class: Ella Sandra G (Zirocco Blue x Emilion), ridden by Lauren Edwards
twice 7th 1.40m classes: Yalambi’s Chiquita (Chin Chin x Indoctro), ridden by Evie Buller
7th 1.30m class: Fernando V (Zapatero x Larino), ridden by Radovan Sillo
10th 1.30m class: Florida V (Indorado x Abantos), ridden by Annika Axelsson

7th and 8th 1.35m young jumpers classes: Fabrice DN (Emilion x Baloubet du Rouet), ridden by Deane Rogan

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Bacardi VDL

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