Esprit du Buisson Z (Emilion) fifth in the Grand Prix of Kunkia (LTU)

KUNKIA - Esprit du Buisson Z (Emilion x Quartz 7) finished fifth in the Grand Prix of Kunkia (LTU) under Gunnar Klettenberg (EST). Dundas VDM (Cardento x Nimmerdor) finished ninth under Laura Penele (LAT). In the 1.45m class this combination became seventh.

Jorn (Baltic x Warrant) Justas Gabalis (LTU) won the 1.30m. In another 1.30m class this combination finished fourth and in the 1.35m class sixth.

Dropshot Z (Douglas x Indoctro) won the 1.20m level with Aleksejus Timofejevas (LTU) in the saddle. This combination finished third in another 1.20m class.

Esprit du Buisson Z and Klettenberg finished third in the 1.35m. Fantast (Indoctro x Voltaire) and Sabine Silina (LAT) were also clear but slightly slower and finished in fourth place. Funky Blue (Zirocco Blue x Lux Z) and Stanislav Teder (EST) also made no jumping faults, but were in time good for fifth place.

Con Quick (Corland x Alasca) and Helene Marie Rägo (EST) finished second in the 1.20m class. This combination also finished fifth in the 1.40 m.

Linked horses

Emilion 'Preferent'

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