Dobby (s. Zirocco) 2nd in 1.50m Dortmund

Dobby (Zirocco Blue x Grosso Z) was placed as second in a 1.50m competition during CSI4* Dortmund (Germany). Dobby was ridden by Lars Kersten.
Deep blue Bridge S (Zirocco Blue x Ahorn) was placed as 9th in another 1.50m competition and is ridden by Rupert Carl Winkelmann.
Etos HBC (Cantos x Kroongraaf) and rider Ibrahim Hani Bisharat were placed as second in a 1.35m competition. Chuck Bass W (Indoctro x Calido I) and Andres Kreuzer was placed as 6th in a 1.40m competition. And Chasmo (Chin Chin x Indoctro) with Karl Jun. Brocks were placed as 8th in the 1.60m competition.

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