Abache HL (s. Cantos) 2nd in Grand Prix Vilamoura

Abache HL (Cantos x Lux) and Charlotte Verhagen placed 2nd in the Grand Prix of Vilamoura in Portugal. Isidor Carcaletto (Cardento x Concorde), ridden by Radovan Sillo, placed 4th in this Grand Prix.

More offspring of our stallions placed as follows:
4th 1.45m class: Duc d’Arsouilles (Quasimodo vd Molendreef x Nabab de Reve), ridden by Timothy Page
5th 1.45m class: Acochini JJ (Chin Chin x Nimmerdor), ridden by Cassio Rivetti
10th 1.45m class: Evita W (Arezzo x Matterhorn), ridden by Ellen Whitaker
3rd 1.40m and 8th 1.35m classes: Bergkamp (Indoctro x Gran Corrado), ridden by Celine Schoonbroodt-de
9th 1.40m class: Doulita (Wittinger VDL x French Buffet XX), ridden by Rowan Willis
3rd and 5th 1.35m classes: Chento D (Indoctro x Emilion), ridden by Douglas Duffin
9th 1.35m class: Suma’s Zorro (Douglas x Horos XX), ridden by Joanne Sloan-Allen
4th 1.30m class: Adagio II (Indoctro x Horatio), ridden by Amy Duncan
9th 1.30m class: Donald Duck 37 (Emilion x Jasper),ridden by Gonçalo Estevez
10th 1.30m class: Finesse vd Watertoren (Chin Chin x Ahorn), ridden by Joe Whitaker
3rd, 6th and 9th 1.40m young jumpers classes: Friso (Azteca VDL x Phin Phin), ridden by Anthony Condon
4th 1.40m young jumpers class: Fontaine Blue CKV (Zirocco Blue x Colino), ridden by Alberto Harari

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Suma's Zorro

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