Gambler Z (s. Glasgow van ’t Merelsnest) wins 6-year olds Z Festival

Gambler Z (s. Glasgow van ’t Merelsnest) and Tim Franssen won the 6-year old qualifier class ath the Z Festival of Zangersheide.

Hummer Z (s. Harley) became 9th at the 3-year olds.

Three colts by our stallions placed aswell:
6th Zenith vd Donkhoeve Z  (s. Zirocco Blue), fokkers Quintelier en Hamme
7th Zirocco vd Eijkhof (s. Zirocco Blue),  fokker Eijkelenburg uit Roggel
7th California B Z (s. Cardento),  fokker Verwilghen


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Glasgow van 't Merelsnest

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