James v/d Oude Heihoef (s. Douglas) 3rd in 1.60m. GP Abu Dhabi

James v/d Oude Heihoef (Douglas x Action Breaker) was placed as 3rd in the 1.60m Grand Prix of CSI Abu Dhabi, in the United Arabian Emirates. He was also placed as 10th in a 1.50m competiton against the clock. James v/d Oude Heihoef is ridden by Abdullah Mohd Al Marri.
Dezapamillion Mas (Zapatero x Emilion) was placed twice in competitions for juniors with rider Saif Abulla Mohd Al Marri. They won a 1.15m competition and were placed as 3rd in a 1.20m competition.

E Blue (Zirocco Blue x Ukato) and rider Zain Shady Samir were placed as 5th in a 1.30m competition. And Dagonetta (Veron x Clintino) and Abdulla Ahmed a. Ameen Alshurafe were placed as 3rd in a 1.25m competition.

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