Good scores for offspring of our stallions at KWPN mare inspections

Offspring of our stallions received good scores at several KWPN mare inspections in the country. Below you’ll find the highscores per region:
3 year old jumpermares Houten, Utrecht
Marbella (Hermitage VDL x Carambole), bred by E. van Hal, Breukelen: ext. 80  jump. 85 
Masara (Zirocco Blue x Indorado), bred by Chr. M. Snepvangers, Bergen op Zoom: ext. 70  jump. 80
3 year old jumpermares Panningen, Limburg
Madette S (Carrera x Lux), bred by E.H. Schroembges, Wellerlooi: ext. 70 jump. 85
3 year old jumpermares Luttenberg, Overijssel
My First Lady (Carrera x Canturo), bred by fam. Scholten, Wapenveld and owned by  M.G.J. Jansman, Raalte: ext. 70 jump.80
Macho (Harley x Cavalier), bred by C.E.M. Demmer en J.G. Potijk, Geesteren: ext.70   jump.80
3 year old jumpermares IJsselmuiden, Overijssel
Miss Dior (Carrera x Cantos), bred by D. Brink, IJsselmuiden: ext.75  jump.85
3 year old jumpermares Boijl, Friesland
Mhariena MDB (Grand Slam x Ahorn), bred by M. de Boer, Koudum: ext.80   jump.75
4 t/m 7 year old jumpermares Boijl, Friesland
Lakarmette E (Glasgow vt Merelsnest x Indoctro), bred by P. van Eik, Bakkeveen: ext.75   jump.80
8 years and older jumpermares Lonneker, Overijssel
Gotieza (Indoctro x Voltaire), bred by K.G. van Dellen, Kornhorn and owned by  W.R. Dethmers, Enschede: ext.70   jump.80

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