Pedigree :

My Blue Hors Santiano
Strongly built stallion with a lot of charisma
Very interestingly bred with a very strong dam line
My Blue Hors Santiano's father is Sezuan, son of the KWPN Stallion Show Champion Blue Hors Zack. Blue Hors Zack has been very successful at the highest level for several years under the Dane Daniel Bachmann Andersen, the duo was tenth at the WEG in 2018 in Tryon and fourth at the World Cup Final a year later in Gothenburg. During the European Championship in Rotterdam they finished fifth.
Sezuan has been named Stallion of the Year in Denmark in 2020, after becoming World Champion for Young Dressage Horses three times.
Romanik, the dam of My Blue Hors Santiano, is a daughter of Blue Hors Romanov (by Rohdiamant), who achieved success in the Grand Prix under Hans Peter Minderhoud for years. For example, they won team silver at the European Championship in Herning. Romanik is the mother of the KWPN-recognized Glock’s Zonik (by Blue Hors Zack), who with Edward Gal finished fourth at the European Championships in Rotterdam and won team silver there. She also produced his full brother, the Grand Prix horse Zackonic of the American Christopher Hickey. Romanik's dam Dunja descends from Grand Prix stallion and top progenitor Don Schufro (by Donnerhall).

My Blue Hors Santiano is a well-developed modern stallion with a lot of charisma who has a good rectangular model. The head is appealing. The neck has good length with a slight head-neck joint. The neck has good shape, length and muscling. The shoulder is long and sloping. The wither is more than sufficiently developed and has good length. The back has good length and well-muscled. The loins are well muscled and well connected. The croup has good length, position and muscling. The trouser muscle has more than sufficient length. The foreleg is correct when viewed from the side and from the front. The hindleg is correct. The pasterns front and back have good length and good conformation. The foundation is well developed and of more than sufficient quality. The feet are well developed, have good shape and good quality. The heels are well developed.
Official KWPN Research Report 2020:
My Blue Hors Santiano is a balanced, reliable and sympathetic stallion with a good attitude. The stallion is very willing to work and works very well. The walk is pure, active and has more than sufficient scope. The trot has a lot of cadence, has good scope, good balance and a lot of switching power. The hindleg should have slightly more bend. The canter is uphill with good scope, a lot of impulsion and shows a lot of ability to close. My Blue Hors Santiano moves with very good posture, a lot of balance and a lot to a lot of flexibility. My Blue Hors Santiano has a lot of talent for dressage and gives his rider a very good feeling.
Stable behavior:
Honest reliable stallion, easy going and calm in the stable.
Breeding / mating advice:
My Blue Hors Santiano can contribute to the blood distribution, he can also improve the dressage model and the canter. He can add movement technique and the ability to close to dressage horse breeding.
Color: Brown
Date of Birth: 2017
Pole height: 1.71m
Approved for: KWPN
Stud fee gust: € 250, -
Stud fee surcharge: € 950, -
Stud fee total: € 1,200
Semen available Fresh / Frozen
Other information: Genome 105 and WFFS free
KWPN Research report:
Step: 8.0
Trot: 8.5
Canter: 9.5
Flexibility: 8.5
Posture and balance: 9.0
Rideability and attitude: 9.0
Talent as a dressage horse: 9.0
Total: 87.5


My Blue Hors Santiano
My Blue Hors Santiano
My Blue Hors Santiano

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