Winning offspring of Arezzo, Emilion and Cantos

Offspring of Arezzo and Emilion won a competition during CSI Montpellier in France. An offspring  of Cantos won a competition during CSI Vilamoura in Spain.
Elena (Arezzo x Goodtimes) and rider Julie Anquetin won a 1.30m competition during CSI Montpellier. In this competition Danke K (Cantos x Damiro) were placed as 7th with rider Alexis Roques. He was also placed as 10th in the 1.40m Grand Prinx and also palced as 7th in a 1.35m competition.
Krapuul de Luxe V El Picardero (Emilion x Cardento) won a 1.20m competition with Maeva Rayer and was placed as 10th in a 1.25m competition. Ella I’A (Zirocco blue x Magic Owl) and Carla Bellee was placed as second in this competition.
Other results during CSI Montpellier (France):
  • 2e en 5e in 1.40m: Carmen VD E (Indoctro x Nimmerdor) en Marion Skalli
  • 7e in 1.40m: Farrah W (Cantos x Picasso Z) en Tressy Muhr
  • 3e in 1.20m: Krapuul de Luxe V El Picadero (Emilion x Cardento) en Maeva Fayer
  • 8e in 1.20m: E Sweet Melodie D (Zapatero x Argentinus) en Oceane Blanc
Zamara van t Venhof (Cantos x Royal Bravour) and Teppei Onishi won a 1.10m competition during CSI Vilamoura in Spain. They were also placed as 4th in a 1.10m competition.
Disckoboy D.N. (Douglas x Silverstone) was placed as 6th in a 1.45m competition and placed as 3rd in a 1.40m competition. Disckoboy is ridden by Oliver Fletcher and is bred by D. Noordhuis from Holland.
Other results of CSI Vilamoura:
  • 3rd and 6th in 1.35m: Yalambi’s Enrique (Vegas x Chin Chin) and Evie Buller
  • 8th  in 1.35m: Cougar (Vermont x Marlon) and Rafael Dinis Rocha (Gefokt door Y. Walda)
  • 8th in 1.25m: Friso (Azteca x Phin Phin) and Arabella Prior
  • 10th  in 1.25m: Knock Out de la Ramee (Indoctro x Numero Uno) and Nicolas Luuduc
  • 8th in 1.20m: Friso (Azteca x Phin Phin) and Arabella Prior

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