Very good results for Lowlands (by Etoulon VDL) on the 14-day evaluation test in Schliekau

SCHLIECKAU - Lowlands (by Etoulon VDL) achieved very good results during the 14-day assessment test in Schlieckau. The stallion's grade list shows no fewer than three 8.5 and even a 9.

Lowlands was thus approved for the OS Studbook (Jumping horses Oldenburg International).

The stallion scored on the various test items for a.o .:
  • Model: 8.5
  • Character / tempterament: 8.5
  • Willingness to work 8.5
  • Free jumping 9.0

The final score for jumping was 8.55 for the high-quality Lowlands.

Etoulon VDL

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