VDL Cartello 6th in U25 Welcome WEF

VDL Cartello (Cartani 4 x Lord) and Cormac Hanley became 6th in the U25 Welcome Class during the 6th week of the WEF in Florida.
Legolas ter Wilgen (Emmerton VDL x Chin Chin) and Emilie Conter placed 5th in the U25 Grand Prix.  
Davidson (Harley x Chin Chin), ridden by Callan Solem, placed 11th in the CP Grand Prix and also 5th in a 1.40m class.
The Mexican team placed 3rd in the Nations Cup. In this team jumped a.o. Fabrice (Emilion x Baloubet du Rouet), ridden by Nicolas Pizarro and Hortensia van de Leeuwerk (Corland x Argeninus), ridden by Manuel Gonzalez Dufrane.
Davarusa (Zavall x Chin Chin) and Petronella Andersson won a 1.50m class and placed 5th in a 1.40m class.
Eros WH (Zirocco Blue x Burggraaf), ridden by Dimitri Pauli became Champion of the Week in the A-A Jumper Modified and The Boss (Zirocco Blue x Corland), ridden by Jazz Johnson Merton, became Reservechampion of the Week in the  A-O Jumper Medium.
9th 1.50m class: Shangri-La (Cardento x Goodwill), ridden by Alise Oken
5th 1.40m and 3e 1.30m classes: Sapheara (Indoctro x Nimmerdor), ridden by Hyde Moffatt
10th 1.35m class: Cedric (Indoctro x Cantos), ridden by Cara Raether Carey
7th Aletta (Sydney x Guidam), ridden by Maria Gabriela Brugal
7th 1.30m class: Feromoon G (Aztecas VDL x Padinus), ridden by Danielle Torano
8th 1.30m class: Essedon (Arezzo x Ahorn), ridden by Brady Hayes
3rd A-A Jumper 18-35 class: Zabelle S (Indoctro x Animo), ridden by Alannah Argyle
5th A-A Jumper 36+ class: Elon HBC (Cantos x Calvados), ridden by Erin Holder
4th A-O Jumper High class: The Boss (Zirocco Blue x Corland), ridden by Jazz Johnson Merton
3rd 7-year old class: VDL It’s Andiamo (Andiamo x Indoctro), ridden by Hercules Gadelha
5th 7- year old class: VDL Indy (Dallas VDL x Indoctro), ridden by Sabrina Lefebvre
VDL It’s Andiamo and VDL Indy were sold by us in an earlier WEF Sporthorse Auction.

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VDL Cartello

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