Topscore for For Friendship in Schlieckau

For Friendship VDL (For Pleasure x Stakkato Gold) became today the performance champion of the 14-days stalliontest in  Schlieckau.
For Friendship received an average score of  8,80. He received a,o, a 9,5 for his talent as a jumphorse.
His scores were as follows:
Interieur 8,75
Charakter/Temperament 8,50
Leistungsbereitschaft 9,00
Trab    6,00
Galopp 7,00
Schritt 7,50
Rittigkeit Bewertungskommission 7,50
Springanlage Freispringen     9,50
Rittigkeit Fremdreiter             7,25
Gewichtete Gesamtnote 7,98
Gewichtete dressurbetonte Endnote 6,96
Gewichtete    springbetonte Endnote       8,80
Also our stallion  Breido (Brantzau x Casall) passed the test with high scores and finished in 2nd place. His average score was  8,55 with a.o. a 9 for his talent as a jumphorse.
Breido is available for breeding at  Hengststation Völz in Germany and  For Friendship is available for breeding at VDL Stud.

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