Skara Glen’s Machu Picchu (s. Silverstone) and team team win Nations Cup Wellington

Skara Glen’s Machu Picchu (Silverstone x Matterhorn) and Paul O'Shea and the Irish Team have won the Nations Cup of Wellington, Florida during the 8th week of the WEF.

Arwen (Indoctro x Olisco) and Christina Firestone won a U25-A 1.40m class.

6th 1.50m class: It’s Real Love vd Smis Z (Indoctro x J.Liberato), ridden by Ben Maher
6th 1.45m class: Cas 2 (Indoctro x Numero Uno), ridden by Audrey Coulter
7th 1.45m class: Azrael W (Chin Chin x Voltaire), ridden by José R. Reynoso Fernandez F.
9th Nutrean Jumper Classic: Ferro Chin vh Lindenhof  (Chin Chin x Nimmerdor), ridden by Rodrigo Pessoa
10th 1.40m class: Discovery-O (Douglas x Indoctro), ridden by Christina Serio
6th 1.35m class: Belmont (Ahorn x Landfriese), ridden by Alise Oken
7th U25-A 1.45m class: Casper (Cardento x Robin I Z), ridden by Ailish Cunniffe
10th U25-A 1.45m class: Cherokee (Cardento x Creool), ridden by Jennifer Mattel

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