Offspring of Arezzo succesfull in Arezzo

Three offspring of Arezzo were placed in several competitions during CSI Arezzo (Italy)
Farah (Arezzo x Concorde) was placed twice. With rider Kim Emmen they were placed as 2nd in a 1.40m competition and as 6th in a 1.45m competition. Garezzo (Arezzo x Padinus) and Giovanni Consorti) were placed as 4th in the 1.45m Silver Tour Finale. And Jarezzo (ds. Cardento) and Nico Lupino were placed twice in competitions for 5-year old showjumpers.
More successes for young showjumpers in Arezzo:
5-year old:
  • Placed twice: Jamai VDL (Zirocco Blue x Contender)and Nico Lupino
  • Also Placed twice: Jerante (Baltic x Warrant) en Mano de Boer
6-year old:
  • Twice as 10th: Ibiza (Durango x Vleut) and Marco Ciucci
  • 5th: Ilba VDL (Zavall x Harley) and Nico Lupino
7-year old:
  • Twice as 6th: Gweedore vd Groote Kamps Z (Glasgow vt Merelsnest x Concorde) and Harrie Wiering
  • 8e: Hooligan B (Cardento x Heartbreaker) and Caniele Cuva
  • 10th: Halo (Zirocco Blue x Riverman) and Guiseppe de Luca
Other results in Italy:
  • 7th in 1.45m: Dorus (Harley x Iroko) and Alessio Albano
  • 9th in 1.45m: Argento (Indoctro x Wolfgang) and Gabio Brotto
  • 2nd in 1.40m: Felicia (Harley x Veneur) and Giovanni Consorti
  • 5th in 1.40m: Glossy Carlos (Zirocco Blue xCorland) and Holger Wenz
  • 6th in 1.30m: Devlin K (Douglas x Lord Calando) and Ludovica Luna Moggi
  • 7th in 1.30m: Efonboy H (Zapatero x Neckar) and Bianca Gazzè
  • 8th in 1.30m: Fabilon (Azteca x Goodwill) and Camilla Cristiani
  • 3rd in 1.25m: Helinda (Wittinger x Corland) and Felicia Hultberg

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