Gouvernante VDL (by Bacardi) Regional champion 1.35m level

Our topmare Gouvernante VDL (Bacardi x Stakkato) and  Elisah Aarts became Champion of the 1.35m level. Gouvernante VDL is bred by ourselves and is a sister of Daniel Coyle’s  successful Grand Prix horse Farrel VDL.

Champion at 1.20m level became Yfke Priem with Berlin-daughter Esprit de Pomme. Last years this topmare was sold by VDL Stud and Marcel de Boer to  the Priem family.

Champion at 1.10m level was Tonny Leeuwen with Etoulon-daughter Jarona  and at 1.00 m level the championsribbon was for an offspring by Indorado: Benz, ridden by Justine Ruiter.

1.10m level
Champion           Justine Ruiter                     Benz (by Indorado)        
2nd                          Aat Bosma                        Indigo Dls (by Zirocco Blue)
4th                          Marianne Wortel                Golden (by Arezzo VDL)
5th                         Henny Coremans              Huub  (by Crespo VDL)
6th                          Lianne Van den Akker      Cina P   (by Indorado)
7th                         Auke Osinga                       Kimlitha (by Gaultier VDL)
8th                         Jeanine De Koning           Ibiza Ak (by Glasgow-w Vh Merelsnest)

1.20m level
Champion           Tonny Leeuwen                 Jarona  (by Etoulon)
2nd                        Sonja van der Berg           Helios Velvet (by Cardento)
4th                         Pytsje Van der Heide       JQ (by Glasgow-w Vh Merelsnest)          
5th                           Romielle van Tuyl            Luimstra’s Idorina (by Quasimodo Vd Molendreef)        
6th                         Elise Velzen                       Held (by Brugal VDL)       
9th                         Elisah Aarts                       Jesmond VDL (by Harley VDL)                    
10th                        Kim Falkena                     Jeetjemina (by Harley VDL)

1.30m level
Champion           Yfke Priem                          Esprit De Pomme  (by Berlin)
1.35m level
Champion           Elisah Aarts                        Gouvernante VDL (by Bacardi VDL)
3rd                         Hylke de Jong                    Osseweide's Headline QSHS (by Zirocco Blue VDL)

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