Garezzo (by Arezzo) fourth in the Grand Prix of La Bagnaia

La Bagnaia - Garezzo (by Arezzo) and Giovanni Consorti became fourth in the CSI2 * 1.45m Grand Prix in La Bagnaia, Italy, in a large field of more than fifty starts. Dorus (by Harley VDL) and Alessio Albano also won prizes and became tenth.

Grizzly van d 'Hoeve (by Zirocco Blue VDL) and Giampietro Campagnaro finished fifth in the CSI2 * 1.30m course, while Galaxy (by Arezzo VDL) by Paolo Paini finished seventh in the CSI2 * 1.35m.
In another 1.35m class, Felicia, a descendant of Harley VDL and also ridden by Giovanni Consorti, came in eighth. Grizzly van d 'Hoeve (by Zirocco Blue VDL) and Giampietro Campagnaro also won prizes in this course.

In the various CSI2 * 1.30m classes, Belisimot (by Tenerife VDL) and Ludovica Corsi came in sixth, while Valcourt B, a descendant of Millreef VDL and ridden by Arnaldo Bologni, came in third.

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