Four VDL descendants in top ten in Gorla Minore (It)

GORLA MINORE (IT) - In the CSIYH1* over 1.35m in Gorla Minore, VDL descendants were well represented. Among the top ten were Candette S Z (by Campbell VDL), Highway (by Baltic VDL), Houdini (by Dakar VDL) and Holdora W. (by Classe VDL).

Candette S Z (by Campbell VDL) finished at the top with Francesco Spano with zero faults and the fastest time. Highway (by Baltic VDL) finished fourth under Martin Rodruquez Vanni from Uruguay. Houdini (by Dakar VDL) and the Swiss rider Pius Schwizer finished in sixth place and were also clear. Holdora W. (by Classe VDL) and rider Clara Pezzoli were the tenth clear combination.

In the CSI2* over 1.45 m Ferenzo (by Arezzo VDL) and Rino Siblia rode to ninth place. The CSI2* Grand Prix over 1.45m resulted in a tenth place for Tempo des Brieres (by Corland) and Matias Alvaro, who only had one fault in the jump-off.
In the CSI2* 1.40m class, there was an excellent fourth place for Astro de Plenville (by Chin Chin) and rider Florence Schwizer Seydoux, while Ferenzo (by Arezzo VDL) and Rino Siblia became seventh here.

In another CSI2* 1.40m class, Caribo (by Cardento) and Alberto Carrara received the third prize.
Highway (by Baltic VDL) and Houdini (by Dakar VDL) became third and fifth respectively in a CSIYH1* 1.35m class with again Martin Rodruquez Vanni and Pius Schwizer in the saddle.

Finally Goblin (by Baltic VDL) was placed in the CSI2* 1.35m class as the eleventh clear combination with Aldo Intagliata.

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