Electra B (s. Arezzo) 3rd in Grand Prix Kronenberg

Electra B (Arezzo x Paladin des Ifs) and Richard Howley became 3rd in the Grand Prix of Kronenberg. They also became 7th in a 1.45m class.

Kentucky van ’t Laerhof (Quasimodo vd M. x Conan Z) and Hans van Laer won a 1.35m young jumpers class.

4th 1.40m class: Sir Douglas 10 (Douglas x Sir Libero) Viktoria Schmidt
5th 1.40m class: Cantate (Cantos x Mermus R), ridden by Paul van Wylick
5th and 9th 1.40m classes: Entertainer V (Corland x Numero Uno), ridden by Philip McGuane
2nd 1.35m young jumpers class: Kentucky vh Laerhof and Hans van Laer
2nd 1.35m class: Denver (Cantos x Elcaro), ridden by Rakan al Hasawi
3rd 1.35m class: Di Carcento (Cardento x Corland), ridden by Maikel van Mierlo
5th 1.35m young jumpers class: Fancy Roos VDL (Baltic VDL x Goodtimes), ridden by Maud Roosendaal
7th 1.35m young jumpers class: Grietje vd Heezerenbosche (Arezzo x Quick Star), ridden by Sanna Olsson
8th 1.35m young jumpers class: First of April CL (Arezzo x Oklund), ridden by Antonio Alfonso
9th 1.35m young jumpers class: Guess What’s My Name (Cardento x Phin Phin), ridden by Vincent Geerink
9th 1.35m class: J&B van de Rollebeek (Indorado x Chenook), ridden by John Steeghs


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Fancy Roos VDL

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