Comeback for Etoulon VDL and VDL Glasgow vt Merelsnest

Etoulon VDL and VDL Glasgow van’t Merelsnest made their comeback in the ring after the recovery from injuries.Both stallions, ridden by Jur Vrieling, seemed to feel like it again and jumped as usual. Etoulon VDL amazed again with his fantastic way of jumping, watch his video at our youtube channel:

Etoulon VDL clear round 1.40m

There were great results for offspring of our stallions: Giwana (Baltic x Indcotro) won with her rider Lars Kersten the  1* GP on Sunday and they also took the winner’s ribbon in the 1.30m class on Thursday.
Homebred horse In The Air (ETNA VDL, Indorado x Quite Easy), finished with rider Romilly Simmons in 7th place in this Grand Prix.

Fabulous (Harley x Colandro) won with his rider  Doron Kuipers a 1.40m class.

In the  1.55m GP CVier2 (Cardento x Concorde), ridden by Janine Rijkens, placed 4th and Fliere Fluiter (Zirocco Blue x Animo) finished in 9th place.

Also the following offspring of our stallions placed high:
2nd + 4th 6yrs.   Jasper (Falaise de Muze x Lux), ridden by Loewie Joppen
3rd 1.30m           Irocco Blue (v. Zirocco Blue), ridden by John Steegs
3rd 6jyrs             Jododinus PP (Etoulon x Grand Corrado), ridden by Kristine Seierstad
7th 7yrs              Isa Tella (Etoulon x Numero Uno), ridden by Albert Zoer
8th 1.30m            Gunther (v. Baltic), ridden by Naomi Muller
8th1.30m             Nicolas HD (v. Douglas), ridden by Holger Hetzel
9th 1.35m            Gacarla VDL (Arezzo x Indoctro), ridden by Harrie Wiering


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Etoulon VDL
VDL Glasgow van 't Merelsnest

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