Catch Me Not S (v. Cardento) and I Know (v. Arezzo) ex aequo third in Grand Prix Rome

Last Saturday, Catch Me Not S (by Cardento) and I Know (by Arezzo) finished ex aequo third in the Rome 5* 1.60m Grand Prix. Only four combinations also managed to stay clear in the jump-off including the Cardento and Arezzo sons. With exactly the same time, the two finished on the third place. Catch Me Not S (by Cardento) has been ridden by Peder Fredericson for many years and is bred by Krister Svedberg. I Know (by Arezzo) is ridden by Andreas Schou and is bred by H.J.M. Dekkers. 

There was also success for Mademoiselle-A (by Corland) and Nina Mallevaey in Rome. They won the 1.45m class on Saturday. This is already the second time they have won the 1.45m class at the Global Champions Tour, they previously won in Valkenswaard. The Corland daughter is bred by Luc Aerts.

Finally, there was success for the Zirocco Blue son Vanda Phantom aka Houston B. During the 2* Grand Prix on Sunday, Vanda Phantom and Genene Burnett managed to achieve a nice fourth place. The breeder of Vanda Phantom is B.A. Boering.

Catch Me Not S (v. Cardento)
I know (v. Arezzo)

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