Bivaldi (s. Cantos) 5th in Grand Prix Arezzo

Bivaldi (Cantos x Lennard) and Alexandr Belekhov became 2nd in the Grand Prix of Arezzo, Italy. Coral Springs (Douglas x Cavalier), ridden by Manjun Kwon, placed 8th in the Grand Prix and 3rd in a 1.45m class.

Winn Winn (Chin Chin x Wagenaar), ridden by Gianni Govoni, won a 1.50m class.

2nd 1.45m class: Cartherina (Indorado x Quick Star), ridden by Gabriele Bresciani
4th 1.40m class: Ulloa du Trefle (Sheraton x Double Espoir), ridden by Nicolas Deseuses
5th 1.40m class: Devlin K (Douglas x Lord Calando), ridden by Gianni Govoni
10th 1.40m class: Cassano (Indoctro x Quick Star), ridden by Massimiliano Ferrario
4th 1.35m class: Griselda (Indoctro x Concorde), ridden by Graziano Tazzi
10th 1.35m class: Alindor (Nimmerdor x Indoctro), ridden by Massimiliano Ferrario
10th 1.35m class: Flying-Sam (Baltic VDL x Indorado), ridden by Amber Fijen

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