Ayrton IV (s. Cantos) wins 1.45m in Italy

Ayrton IV (Cantos x BurggraaF) won a 1.45m competition last weekend, during CSI Gorla Minore in Italy, and he was also places as 7th in another 1.45m competition. Ayrton was ridden by Julie Andrews.
Corleone (Tenerife x Wellington) was palced as 10 this competition. Corleone is ridden by Melissa Vanzani.
Cantate Z (Carosso x Pythagoras Z) won a 1.35m competition with Simon Morssinkhof. Chinchita JWB (Chin Chin x Matterhorn) and rider Alessia Alberti di Mazzeri were placed as 10th in this competition.
Haily (Baltic x Niveau) was placed twice as 9th in 1.35m competitions. Haily is ridden by Michol Del Signore.
Other results:
  • 4th en 9th in 1.35m: Holdora W (Classe VDL x Grannus) and Clara Pezzoli
  • 2nd in 1.35m: Gentleman T (Indoctro x Ahorn) and Romain Sottas
  • 9th in 1.35m: Gymolga (Arezzo x Indoctro) and Jeremy Sweetnam
  • 5th in 1.35m: Enjoy (Chello III x Perion) and Rossen Raitchev
  • 7th in 1.30m: Chinook W (Douglas x Voltaire) and Mathilde Cruchet

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