Ayrton IV (s. Cantos) 9th in Grand Prix Gent

Ayrton IV (Cantos x Burggraaf) and Julie Andrews became 9th in the Grand Prix of Gent, Belgium. They also placed 5th in a 1.45m class.

Dha Dha HDH (Douglas x Roven XX) and Bianca Schoenmakers won a 1.40m class.

8th 1.35m and 2nd 1.30m classes: Evanka FD van Thofterrijckel (Quasimodo vd M. x Le Mexico), ridden by Louise Gorus
3rd 1.30m class: Contessa van Sappenleen Z (Corland x Balougran Z), ridden by Bjorn Vandenbossche


CSI5*-W Göteborg, Sweden
2nd 1.55m class: Carma (Cardento x Ralmé Z), ridden by Stephanie Holmén
5th 1.50m class: H&M Cue Channa 42 (Cardento x Robin I Z), ridden by Malin Baryard-Johnsson       
9th 1.50m class: H&M Flip’s Little Sparrow (Cardento x Robin I Z), ridden by Stephanie Holmén
2nd 1.45m class: Cardina (Cardento x Diamond), ridden by Filip Ågren
twice 9th 1.40m Y-A classes: Mid Summer Nights Dream (Emilion x Jus de Pomme), ridden by Lisa Ulven
7th Accumulator class: Arakorn (Cantos x Damiro), ridden by Geir Gulliksen
9th Accumulator class: Celestine (Cardento x King of Diamonds), ridden by Satu Liukkonen


CSI 2* Kronenberg, the Netherlands
Dadullah (Wittinger VDL x Concorde), ridden by Patrick Lemmen, won the Accumulator class at the jumping of Kronenberg.

6th Accumulator: Emmely (Indorado x Heartbreaker), ridden by Kathrin Müller
10th Accumulator and 8th 1.40m classes: Favoriet HBC (Cantos x Sandro Boy), ridden by John Steeghs
6th 1.45m class: Dobbey (Zirocco Blue x Grosso Z), ridden by Lars Kersten
4th 1.40m: Florian (Zirocco Blue x Cardento), ridden by Albert Zoer

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Ayrton IV

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