Amalia (by Arezzo VDL) and Farell (by Cardento VDL) successful at Spruce Meadows

A busy program was completed in Spruce Meadows, where the CSI 5 * competition from 26 to 30 June was the battlefield for combinations from all over the world.

Amalia, a descendant of Arezzo VDL, from Kyacinthe ster pref prest of Emilion, breeder VDL Stud, won with Daniel Coyle Competition 547 - Friends of the Meadows YH 7y / o - over 1.40m.

With the Cardento-descendant Farell, Daniel Coyle achieved a fifth rating in Competition 561 - the Pan American Cup presented by Rolex - over 1.60m.

Competition 544 - Trimac Jr / Am Welcome - 1.40m was successful for Diamond (by Douglas) under Melody Liu, who achieved second place. Dento, a Cardento descendant, was seventh in the same class under Carly Stevens. Gigi-Carmen, an eight-year-old descendant of Bacardi VDL with rider Jose Antonio Chedraui Equia, finished eighth.

In the Friends of the Meadows U25 Cup - 1.45m, class 550, the American Ransome Rombauer finished sixth with Emorkus RE, a nine-year-old descendant of Quasimodo van de Molendreef.

The Friends of the Meadows Cup Competition 553B - over 1.45m yielded a fourth place for MTM Flutterby, a twelve-year-old descendant of Indoctro, ridden by the American Brian Moggre.

Competition 553A - Friends of the Meadows Cup - over 1.45m was very successful for Steelbi (by VDL Empire) under Rich Fellers, who finished second in the course designed by Quintin Maertens. Dundalk (by Douglas VDL) and Jordan Coyle became fourth in this same competition.

Diablo VII (by Douglas) under Maria Gabriela Brugal became 10th in the Friends of the Meadows Welcome
over 1.40 m, Competition 540.

Competition 551 - Friends of the Meadows U25 Cup - over 1.45m yielded an eighth ranking for Dannie Murphy and the eleven-year-old Cardento-descendant Isabeau de Laubry - from a Chin Chin dam.

The Williams Family Jumper Competition - 541 - over 1.40m was a nice success for Diablo VII (by Douglas) under Maria Gabriela Brugal, the combination was third.

A descendant of Dakar VDL, Harvester, finished fifth in Competition 548 - Friends of the Meadows YH 7y / o - over 1.40m under Erynn Ballard.

Gigi-Carmen (by Bacardi VDL), finished third in Competition 545 - Duncan Ross Jr / Am Jumper - over 1.40m with rider Jose Antonio Chedraui Equia.

In Competition 558 - the Akita Drilling Cavalry Charge - over 1.50m, Dundalk achieved fourth place. This descendant of Douglas VDL is ridden by Jordan Coyle.

Audi's Dimple (by Wittinger VDL) became ninth in Competition 559 - Friends of the Meadows Cup - over 1.50m under Jonathan Corrigan.

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