Azrael W (s. Chin Chin) 2nd in Worldcup Qualifier S�o Paulo

Azrael W (Chin Chin x Voltaire) and José R. Reynoso Fernandez F. became 2nd in the Worldcup Qualifier of Sao Paolo in Brasil. Baptista (Harley VDL x Guidam), ridden by Tiago Mesquita, placed 4th, VDL Valdez Assolute R G (Hold Up Premier x Acord II), ridden by Luiz F. Pimenta Alves, placed 5th and Willen (Indoctro x Voltaire), ridden by Mario Francisco Cia jr. became 7th.

Azrael and Reynoso also won a 1.45m class.
Zippo (Indoctro x Zeus), ridden by Bartholomeu Bueno de Miranda Neto, won a 1.40m class and placed 2nd in another 1.40m class.

Acarina (Hold Up Premier x Ramiro), ridden by Artemus de Almeida, placed 3rd in a 1.40m class and HSR Zantella VDL (Silverstone x Matterhorn), ridden by Joao Vitor Marcon, placed 4th in a 1.40m class and 6th in a 1.35m class.

"" Azrael

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