VDL Farona (s. Baltic) wins Final Canadian Series 6-year olds

VDL Farona (Baltic x Lux) and Daniel Coyle won the Final of the Canadian Series for 6-year olds.
Quintin VDL (Quaprice x Emilion), also ridden by Daniel Coyle, placed 3rd and Essedon aka VDL Foxanne JR (Arezzo x Ahorn), also ridden by Coyle, placed 5th. VDL Ferrari SMH (Bugatti x Burggraaf), ridden by Paul Halpern, placed 6th.

At the 5-year olds Daniel Coyle placed againin the top 10’s this time he placed 3rd with Remington aka VDL Glenn BH (Cantos x Lennon) and 8th with Nikita aka Gina VDL (Zirocco Blue x Indoctro).

All these horses have been sold WEF Sporthorse Auction in Wellington, Florida in the past years.

"" Farona

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