Fardon (s. Corland) 8th in Grand Prix Humlikon

Fardon (Corland x Mezcalero) and Anna-Julia Kontio became 8th  in the Grand Prix of Humlikon in Switzerland en they also placed 3rd in a 1.50m class.

5th 1.50m class: I am Samourai (Indoctro x Dollar Du Murier), ridden by Daniel Etter
8th 1.45m class: Galan S (Indoctro x Calypso d'Herbiers), ridden by Katherine A. Dinan
2nd 1.40m class: Interline H (Indoctro x Elmshorn), ridden by Robert Vos
6th 1.30m class: Desiran (Indoctro x Ahorn), ridden by Marc Röthlisberger

At the 1* jumping of Humlikon Diadora 12 (Radisson x Zeoliet) and Markus Heim placed 4th in de Grand Prix.

"" Fardon

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