Indigo (s. Indoctro) 3rd in $ 100.000 Grand Prix Williamsburg

Indigo (Indoctro x Dutchman) and Margie Goldstein-Engle became 3rd in the $ 100.000 Grand Prix of Williamsburg in the US.

VDL Gerlinus T (Sheraton x Guidam) and Ryan Michael Genn won a 5-year old class.

7th 1.40m class: Dirocco Blue (s. Zirocco Blue), ridden by Theo Genn
6th and 10th 1.35m classes: Digereedoo VDL (v. Zavall), ridden by Brian Shook
2nd and 3rd 6-year old classes: La Dolce Vita VDL (Zapatero VDL x Indoctro), ridden by David Beisel and they placed 2nd in the Champion Qualifier

CSI-W 3* Langley BC, Canada
At the jumping in Langley BC in Canada offspring of our stallins placed as follows:
5th 1.45m class: Parette (Pessoa VDL x Barinello), ridden by Lisa Carlsen
7th 1.45m class: Biallon (Indoctro x Wisconsin), ridden by Tina Yates
2nd 1.40m class: The Flying Ham (Bordeaux VDL x Heartbreaker), ridden by Eric Navet
5th 1.40m class: Zapzerap (Zapatero VDL x Ramiro), ridden by Enrique Gonzalez
6th 1.40m class: Syd the Kid (Sydney x Metall), ridden by Samantha Buirs

"" Indigo

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