Rio blog 4: First Jumps at the Games

Today the Olympic adventure will finally start for the Dutch Showjumping team. Netherlands drew lots sixth land and Rob Ehrens placed Jur Vrieling and VDL Zirocco Blue N.O.P. third in the team, so they appear as number 45 in the lane. Jeroen Dubbeldam opens traditionally Netherlands with SFN Zenith N.O.P. and starting seventh in the opening section against the clock. Special attention we have for Imothep (v. Indoctro), which was sold by the VDL Stud as a young horse to its current owner. The stallion bred by Robert Hassing from Steggerda with Taizo Sugitani is the lock combination of Japan and number 69 of the 75 starters.

Good sign
An introduction to the equestrian stadium on Deodoro already took place for Jur and Zirocco. The duo took in the warm up some obstacles. Jur reports about it: " The fire of Zirocco there is now a little bit and that's good. I had previously done all that cavalettiwerk. When he was very relaxed, nice and quiet. Now he began on the forecourt after two or three leaps to. He was just very, very eager. Anyway, I know gradually from him and that is, as often stated, a good sign.
Jur took during the warm up as the only suspense Oxer-straight twice. "I got a slight touché the Oxer and we agreed that if we wanted to make another leap to feeling extra, we could do that. Normally Zirocco may also use some extra work. Of course, it all has to happen first and a mistake is easily made, but it looks good. "

More aucience
Then after Jur and Zirocco Blue have walked a little it was already time to go to the Olympic village. The focus is only one thing from his words: "We have no further plans for tonight. We did not come here to party. Probably we will see the performance of the other Dutch. We have in the room a large TV and everywhere in our village stand displays, so that's all fine to follow. "
Rest there for Jur, besides the hope that it runs directly well in the first game, one more wish: "Hopefully there will be more audience. In the dressage it was sad there were so less visitors. Of course, the situation is different here than in London and its people what deterred from coming here, but it would be nice if it's a bit fuller. "


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