Rio blog 1: Jur and Zirocco are ready for the Games!

The Dutch Showjumping team has arrived in Rio de Janeiro. Today they left the Olympic village
to the stables at the military barracks of Deodoro, for a reunion with the horses and an introduction with the Olympic Stadium. With a few days left before jumping team itself may take action, the team is training at the courses around the stadium. Similarly today. After a slight dressage training followed some step work with the horses on the property. VDL Zirocco Blue N.O.P. felt like Jur Vrieling had expected and hoped for. "He made the trip without problems and was fresh, very fresh even. That is a good sign!'

Super facilities

Where there especially at the beginning of the Games noises sounded negative about the stay of the athletes, there's been nothing but praise for the facilities for the horses at Deodoro. "It's really beautiful stables. The horses are calm and cool. The conditions here are just right. For me, may all the Games Begin, "Jur responds enthusiastically."I train Zirocco until Friday, when we have the vetcheck, just some dressage and will likely ride him twice a day. Saturday we have a practice round at the stadium, which I would expect to make some jumps with him. And then at Sunday we can start. "

Nothing more to desire

Whatever happens, the preparation cannot be better, Jur says. "Zirocco is really ready for it. It may sound a bit arrogant, but I have this Olympics with Zirocco already for many years in my head. If it can with one, then it is with him, I thought all the time.
His training is super expired. In recent years, there was always something to work on, but I must say that there is actually nothing now what remains for me to wish for. In recent weeks it I trained him almost every day twice and if I was not there, he was ridden by Melissa Postma, who works in my stable. In recent weeks we have finished breeding him. If I'm honest, I do not know what I should have done differently in the range to this!



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