10 VDL mares selected for National Mare Championship

A record score of ten 3 year old VDL mares are invited for the National Marechampionship at Ermelo. Champion of the 3 year old jumpingbred mares became the charming mare: It’s A Girl Gr (Etoulon - Indoctro), she was bred by Theo Griffioen from Nieuw-Roden.

The results of the finals were as following:

Champion It’s A Girl Gr (Etoulon - Indoctro), eig: VDL Stud, fok: T. Griffioen , Nieuw Roden
2nd place: : Ivita VDL (Quaprice - Cassini), breeder/owner: VDL Stud
3rd place: : Ialba VDL (Arezzo - Zavall), breeder/owner: VDL Stud
4th place: : Ilba VDL (Zavall - Harley), breeder/owner: VDL Stud
5th place: : Ibolivia VDL (Douglas - Indoctro), breeder/owner: VDL Stud
6th place: : Iney (Zirocco Blue - Heartbreaker), eig: VDL Stud, fok: W. Nieweg, Adorp
7th place: : Isolde (Cardento - Nekton), eig: VDLStud, fok: T. Broersma, Jistrum
8th place: : Isambara VDL (Zirocco Blue - Contender), breeder/owner: VDL Stud
9th place: : Idazanula-N (Douglas - Baloubet du Rouet), eig: VDL Stud samen met fokker: W. van Nispen, Harkstede
10th place: : Ilavsca-Deux Fortuna (Zirocco Blue – Indoctro), eig: VDL Stud, fok: P. Rinkes, Pesse
12th place: : Djanna M’Aurea (Kannan - Cumano), eig: VDL Stud, fok: E.More, Landevennec

Champion of the 4 til 7 year old mares became Cuba Libre W Z (Carrera VDL – Kannan), owned and bred by K.J. van Weperen from Oosterwolde

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