90 points for Arezzo-daughter Ialba VDL

A topday for the VDL Stud yesterday at the KPWPN Mare-inspections at Boyl. A great number of 16 mares received Ster predicate. The highest score of the day were for Ialba VDL (Arezzo – Zavall), she received a topscore of 90 points for freejumping, for her scope and for her technique she received 95 points. Ialba VDL is bred by the VDL Stud.

The following mares of the VDL Stud received the ‘Ster’ predicate:
Ialba VDL (Arezzo x Zavall) 75-90
Bokilly (Bubalu x Cassini) 75-75 bred by J. Veltmans, Meyel
Isolde (Cardento x Nekton) 85-80 bred by: T. Broersma, Jistrum
Isapardi VDL (Corland x Kannan) 80-75
Ibolivia VDL (Douglas x Indoctro) 80-80
Idazanula N (Douglas x Baloubet du Rouet) 75-80 bred by and co-owned by W. van Nispen, Harkstede
It’s a Girl GR (Etoulon x Indoctro) 85-85 bred by: T. Griffioen, Nieuw Roden
Inolivia VDL (Etoulon x Cardento) 70-80
Djanna M’Aurea (Kannan x Cumano) 75-80 bred by: E.A.R.L More, Landevennec
Inacinthe VDL (Modesto x Ahorn) 75-75
Ivita VDL (Quaprice x Cassini I) 80-80
Ilba VDL (Zavall x Harley) 80-85
Iney (Zirocco Blue x Heartbreaker) 85-80 bred by W. Nieweg, Adorp
Ilavsca Fortuna (Zirocco Blue x Indoctro) 75-80 bred by: P. Rinkes, Pesse
Isambara VDL (Zirocco Blue x Contender) 80-80
Diancara VDL (Zirocco Blue x Marlon) 70-80

"" Arezzo

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