Suma�s Zorro (s. Douglas) 6th Grand Prix Spruce Meadows

Suma’s Zorro (Douglas x Horos XX) and Sameh el Dahan placd 6th in the Grand Prix of Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Canada.

Check Picobello Z (Cardento x Orlando vd Heffinck) and Eric Lamaze won a 1.50m class.

5th 1.45m class: Chesney (Indoctro x Kannan), ridden by Tiffany Foster
5th 1.45m class: Samson II (Cardento x Bellini), ridden by Zazou Hoffman
6th 1.45m class: Brugal VDL (Indorado x Guidam), ridden by Jonathan McCrea
8th 1.45m class: Cenzo (Harley VDL x Cavalier), ridden by Conor Swail


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