Dallas VDL and Dyango VDL successful at Glock Horse Show Treffen

There were some great results for Suzanne Tepper and Jur Vrieling with VDL horses at the Glock Horseshow in Treffen, Austria.

Dallas VDL did his first international 1.45 m class and jumped two clear rounds. Ridden by Jur Vrieling he placed 8th and 10th.

Dyango VDL (Zapatero x Ahorn), ridden by Suzanne Tepper, placed 5th in the CSI2* Grand Prix of Treffen, at 1.45m level. They also finished 6th in a 1.35m class and 10th in a 1.45m class.

Inshallah de Muze and Pieter de Vos jumped clear rounds in 1.35m and 1.40m classes.

Christy (Indoctro x Clinton), ridden by Bertram Allen, won a 1.35m class.

Also the following offspring of VDL Stallions were high placed:
4th 1.40m Rauhfaser (Chin Chin x Calvados), ridden by Elliot Gordon
4th 1.40m Claudia (v. Cardento), ridden by Hannah Mytilineou
2nd+ 5th 1.40m Dundalk (Douglas x Horace), ridden by Erica Swartz
5th 1.45m Fardon (Corland x Mezcalero), ridden by Anna-Julia Kontio
5th 1.40m Yalambi’s Chiquita (v. Chin Chin), ridden by Evie Buller
6th 1.45m Axel (Ahorn x Boris), ridden by Kathrin Weinberger
7th 1.45m Wodka Lime (Indorado x Ladalco), ridden by Alice Janout

"" Dallas VDL

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