Arezzo, Cartello and Celebrity in top 10 Grand Prix Drammen

There were great results this weekend for the VDL Stud at the CSI Drammen in Norway this weekend.

In the Grand Prix 3 VDL horses were placed in the top 10. Arezzo VDL, ridden by Jur Vrieling, was 2nd. Cartello VDL, ridden by James Billington , placed 6th and Celebrity VDL, ridden by Ernesto Canseco Olvera finished in 10th place.

James Billington made with Cartello VDL his debut with the British Showjumping team in the Nations Cup, they did great and placed 3rd.

Celebrity VDL and Ernesto also placed 5th in a 1.50m class.
With Emotion VDL (Arezzo x Contender) Ernesto won a 1.30m class and placed 6th and 10th in a 1.30m class. With Davall VDL (Zavall x Indorado) Ernesto placed 10th in a 1.45m class.

Dakar VDL, ridden by James Billington also jumped super in Drammen. He made his debut at 1.50m level and also competed in a Derby for his first time. In both classes he did very well, he placed 7th in the 1.50m Derby and was 8th in the 1.50m class.

Suzanne Tepper jumped with Dyango VDL (Zapatero x Ahorn) a clear round in a 1.50m class and placed 8th and Baltic VDL, ridden by James Billington, placed 10th in this class. And they placed 2nd in another 1.50m class.

There were more great results in Drammen:
Cupido (Harley x Ircolando), ridden by Line Karlsen Raaholt, won a 1.40m class and placed 9th in a 1.40m class.
Firefly H (Douglas x Darco), ridden by Victoria Gulliksen, won a 1.20m/1.30m class and also placed 2nd in a 1.15m class.

High placed were:
2nd 1.35m Al Bundy (Indorado x Mr. Blue), ridden by Michelle Perryman
3rd 1.15m Cinzano (Cardento x Any Questions), ridden by Cecilie Lervik
4th 1.20m + 2e 1.15m Curra Glen (Douglas x Harlequin du Carel), ridden by Julie Heddeslid
4th 1.45m Cenerado (Indorado xLincoln), ridden by Giacomo Bassi
4th 1.40m Corlantos (Corland x Cantos), ridden by Benedikte Endresen
7th 1.40m Douglas Hill (Douglas x Clover Hill), ridden by Martine Myhrer Dyngeland
8th + 9th 1.30m Emilia Jolie JB (Emilion x Pablo), ridden by Lena Amalie Knutsen


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