Emilia Jolie JB (s. Emilion) wins Grand Prix Drammen

Emilia Jolie JB (Emilion x Pablo) and Lena Amalie Knutsen have won the Junior Amateur Grand Prix of Drammen, Norway. Cadence (Cardento x Irco Marco), ridden by Tova Ottosson, placed 5th, Davina HX (Wittinger VDL x Pharaon XX), ridden by Janina Kvarnström, placed 7th and Indoletto (Indoctro x Caletto I), ridden by Erik Preben Strand, placed 8th in this Grand Prix.

5th 1.35m class: Zhin Chin (Chin Chin x Cantus), ridden by Alice Lindgren
6th 1.35m class:: Caipirinha (Cardento x Robin I Z), ridden by Linnea Segersten
8th 1.35m and 8th 1.30m classes: Davina HX and Janina Kvarnström
3rd 1.30m class:: Amilide (Cardento x Heartbreaker), ridden by Nathalie Østbø
7th 1.30m class:: Selano (Corland x Bentley), ridden by Tilda Eldh

At the 3* jumping of Drammen in Norway H&M Flip’s Little Sparrow (Cardento x Robin I Z) and Peder Fredricson became 7th in the Grand Prix and they also became 2nd in a 1.45m class.
Dynamique DML (Cardento x Emilion), ridden by Martin Dinesen Neergaard, placed 6th in a 1.50m class and Briljantbridge B (Radisson x Glennridge), ridden by Pål Fam, placed 10th in a 1.45m class.

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