VDL Wittinger (s. Indoctro) 8th in $100.000 Grand Prix Ocala

VDL Wittinger (Indoctro x Nimmerdor) and Amanda Flint placed 8th in the $100.000 Grand Prix of Ocala in America.
VDL Bravo S (Ephebe Forever) and Hunter Holloway won the $25.000 Welcome Grand Prix of Ocala. VDL Bravo S was sold by the VDL Stud in the WEF Sporthorse Auction. VDL Wittinger and Amanda Flint placed 6th in this Grand Prix.

Eldorado VDL (Corland x Sheraton) and Amanda Flint placed 3rd in an 1.40m class and with VDL White Chocolate (Indoctro x Corland) Amanda Flint placed 3rd in an 1.30m class.

"" VDL Wittinger

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