Dougie Douglas (s. Douglas) 3rd in World Cup Qualifier Live Oak Plantation Ocala

Dougie Douglas (Douglas x High Roller) and Katherine Dinan became 3rd in the World Cup Qualifier of Ocala in America. Indigo (Indoctro x Dutchman), ridden by Margie Goldstein-Engle, placed 6th.

VDL Wizard (Gentleman x Ahorn) and Callan Solem placed 3rd in a 1.50m class,
VDL Torlando (Corland x Indoctro), also ridden by Callan Solem, placed 7th in another 1.50m class and VDL Aberlino (Corland x Purioso), ridden by Axel Eduardo Barrios Enriquez, placed 8th in this same class.

"" Dougie Douglas

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