Promise Me 3rd with Canadian team at Spruce meadows

The by the VDL bred horse Promise Me (Lauriston x Ahorn) was the best horse of the Canadian team in the Samsung Nations Cup at Spruce Meadows (Can). Promise Me and rider Ian Millar only had one down in two rounds. The Canadian team became 3rd in the Samsung Nations Cup. Promise me was also successful in other classes. On Thursday Promise Me was 6th in a 1.40 m class and on Friday they were 9th in a 1.50 m class.

The Indoctro-mare Casadora was with her rider Lauren Hough 5th in a 1.45 m class on Thursday and  6th in a Six Bars class on Friday. The Nimmerdor-son Jamison, ridden by Sheila Burke, was 10 th in this class.

VDL Arctic (Indoctro x Ahorn), ridden by Jim Ifko, was competing successful in the national classes at Spruce Meadows. VDL Arctic was 8th in a 1.45 m class and 10th in a 1.35-1.40 m class.

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