Flemmingh foals Champion and vice-Champion

At the KWPN Foal-show in Onnen offspring by VDL Stallions were in front. Zaruso H (Flemmingh x Nimmerdor), owner A.J. Hazenberg, was the best stallion foal and Zyberlina H (Flemmingh x Nimmerdor), owner J. Hazenberg, was the best mare foal at the KWPN Foal-show in Onnen. Other foals who are selected for the provincial championship of Groningen are:
Zhin Chin         (Chin Chin x Indoctro), owner J.F. Abbring
Zardo             (Indoctro x Jimtown), owner B. Agema
Zeoliet            (Goodtimes x Zeoliet), owner H. P. Cazemier
Zitta               (Goodtimes x G. Ramiro Z.), owner J.F. Abbring
Zisolde                (Corland x Silbersee), owner W. Abbring
Zuberlina H        (Emilion x Jus de Pommes), owner J. Hazenberg
Zolisa              (Corland x Nimmerdor), owner J. Koop
Zersina                (Corland x Emilion), owner J.F. Abbring

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