VDL Stallions to Stalliontest

At monday the 15 th of March the Stalliontest of the KWPN Studbook wil begin. Two stallions of the VDL Stud will enter this test, these are the 3-years old Ultimate VDL (Indoctro x Landgraf) and the 5-years old VDL Empire. Ultimate VDL has to do the 70-days test, VDL Empire has to do the short test of 3 weeks.

At this moment Montreal VDL  (Indoctro x Nimmerdor) can not begin the Stalliontest. Before he can he has to show 10 of his offspring to  the stallioncommisision of the KWPN Studbook.  In Sweden he has now 18 registrated offspring, 13 are at the age of 5 and 5 are at the age of 3. The VDL Stud is busy tracing them, but if you can understand this is a difficult job to do that takes a lot of time. Until now they already traced 8 offspring by Montreal VDL, only this was not enough for the inspection. When the VDL Stud has got the 10 offspring complete they will invite the stallioncommision to do the inspection. 

The stallions VDL Up to Date (Orame x Nimmerdor) and VDL Urvano (Silvano N x Flemmingh) will go to the stalliontest in October


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