VDL Sarantos 2nd 'Future Stallion Jumping'

In the final round of the competition of the 'Future Stallion Jumping' VDL Silverstone (Champion du Lys x Carthago) and VDL Sarantos  (Emillion x Larome) were both double clear again. In the jump-off they were both riding to win, but this time they were not fast enough. VDL Sarantos was 4th today and VDL Silverstone became the 7th place. This made VDL Sarantos, together with yesterday's results,  the 2nd 'Future Stallion Jumping'. VDL Silverstone was 5th, VDL Empire (Emillion x Lord Calando) 10 th and VDL Sheraton (Indoctro x Calypso I)  became 15th in this competition.


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