VDL offspring successful in young horse classes in Gijon

GIJON - In the young horse class of the international equestrian competition in Gijon, northern Spain, the six-year-old Harley descendant I Mose VI became second. Kevin Gonzalez De Zarate Fdz rode the horse to this excellent classification.
In this two-phase competition for the Coca-Cola trophy, with the six-year-olds jumping over 1.30m. and the seven year olds over 1.35m, Ellen Whitaker was shared fifth with the seven-year-old Hulahupe JR, a Bubalu VDL x Indoctro.
The other fifth place was for British rider Jodie Hall Mcateer with Mademoiselle-A, a seven-year-old Corland x Cardento.
Ninth was Hennessy-S, a descendant of Indoctro, who was ridden by the Irish rider David Simpson.

The day before the British riders competed for places one and two in the young horse class, with Mademoiselle-A (Corland x Cardento) with Ellen Whitaker first and Hulahupe JR (Bubalu x Indoctro) under Jodie Hall Mcateer second. Hennessy-S (by Indoctro) and David Simpson finished sixth in this competition.

In the CSIO5 * Two-phase competition over 1.50m for the EMA Trophy there was a nice fourth place for Desperado (by Cardento) under the Colombian rider Nicolas Toro. Hortensia van de Leeuwerik (by Corland) under the Mexican rider Manuel Gonzalez Dufrane also stayed clear twice and was placed. Desperado (by Cardento) and Nicolas Toro were also among the winners in the 1.40m round for the Central Lechera Asturiana - Trophy, a competiton for faults and time. Hortensia van de Leeuwerik (by Corland) and Manuel Gonzalez Dufrane were also placed in the 1.60 m 5 * Grand Prix with two rounds for the Funerari Gijonesa trophy.

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