Beautiful collection of young mares for sale

The VDL Stud offers a wonderful collection of young mares for sale. They are descendants of Arezzo, Carrera, Cohinoor, Dallas, Harley, Dakar, Glenfiddich, Grand Slam, Douglas and (our) other top progenitors.

You can view these horses in our fields. For more information, please call +31 58-2519573 or send an email to

The group of two-year-olds concerns the following horses:
  • Davenport x Arezzo x Marlon
  • Comme il Faut  x Lancer x Corrado I
  • Freeman x Campbell  x Corrado I
  • Carrera x Diamant
  • Grand Slam x Laroche x Nimmerdor
  • Harley x Chin Chin x Calvados
  • Cohinoor x Zirocco Blue xIndoctro
  • Glenfiddich x Emillion x Quat’ Sous
  • Brantzau x Darco x Stakkato Gold
  • Dakar x Burgraaf x Abgar XX
  • Dallas x Corland x Animo
  • Dallas x Quidam de Revel  x Cash
  • Dakar x Atlantic x Hold up Premier
  • Harley x Indoctro  x Corrado I
  • Arezzo x Wittinger x Landgraf I
  • Carrera x Quick star x Caretino
  • Dakar x Guidam x Indoctro
  • Arezzo x Nimmerdor x Athlet Z

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